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Learn about issues impacting student athletes and eye health.



Watch the first online Performance Vision Roundtable discussion featuring Eye Industry Thought Leaders from Across the Nation.

Our advisory panel featured industry pros that have extensive insights, experience, and knowledge about how eye protection is impacting student athletes, parents, and practices across the country.

Learn from Dr. Fraser Horn on how to have a discussion with student athletes and parents on why protective eyewear matters.

Responding to a question posed by the roundtable on what type of students should wear protective eyewear, Dr. Fraser Horn explained, “If they wear eyeglasses they need to wear protective eyewear.”

Insight: If the industry focused on lobbying sport associations and governing bodies to mandate athletes to use protective sports eyewear, the conversation between the student athlete and doctor would be both practical and worthwhile to the practice. “If you really want to make an impact you change the rules … there was the change in rules for women’s lacrosse … where they mandated protective eyewear. It’s been great,” said, Dr. Fraser Horn.

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How to recommend protective eyewear to student athletes

Todd Daniels, Athletic Trainer explained, “let’s put it this way, they are going to spend the money on equipment to play … this is another piece of equipment that allows them to keep playing,” in response to being asked about challenges facing student athletes who get knocked off the field.

Recommendation: Eye injuries bench athletes - just like an ankle sprain or a broken bone. For eye professionals wanting to grow their active eyewear business, our board recommends connecting with athletic directors, trainers, and coaches to discuss athlete vision protection and performance.

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Why optometrists need to talk start talking to athletic directors and instead of the coach. They get it.

Dr. Fraser Horn, said about working with athletic directors, “we are working side-by-side but we don’t even know it. When I get eye care providers saying, ‘hey, I want to go work with a college team or a high school team’ my first response is, ‘who have your talked with,’ their response is, ‘I went to the coach.”

Recommendation: For eye care professionals wanting to introduce sports eyewear and protective solutions to student athletes his recommendation is to start a conversation with the athletic directors because they get it.

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